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A. Introduction
CHATASIK MEDIA INTERAKSI is a social media application that facilitates Users to interact with their communities, we respect all forms of your privacy as Users of CHATASIK MEDIA INTERAKSI Services. Through this Privacy Policy, we will inform you about your choice of CHATASIK MEDIA INTERAKSI usage and our actions regarding any information (as we explained in the "Information that We Collect in accordance with the rules and How We Collect them based on applicable terms and regulations") You give it to us.

Use of CHATASIK MEDIA INTERAKSI (via the CHATASIK MEDIA INTERAKSI mobile application, or a third party platform where CHATASIK MEDIA INTERAKSI is available) in this case may include the collection or use of your information as a User. It is important for you as a CHATASIK MEDIA INTERAKSI user to understand how these actions occur and how you as a user can control them, so please read this Privacy Policy carefully.

By using CHATASIK MEDIA INTERAKSI, users agree that we CHATASIK MEDIA INTERAKSI can collect, use, share your information in accordance with this Privacy Policy, as will continue to be developed and revised from time to time until the perfection of CHATASIK MEDIA INTERAKSI can be felt for its Users.

B. Scope and Application of this Privacy Policy
This Privacy Policy applies to CHATASIK MEDIA INTERAKSI, including any services related to CHATASIK MEDIA INTERAKSI that are part of this Privacy Policy through mention (for example, the CHATASIK MEDIA INTERAKSI Official Account Platform). The CHATASIK MEDIA INTERAKSI-related services can have advanced privacy provisions that you must agree to as part of your use of these services.

This Privacy Policy is incorporated into and forms part of the CHATASIK MEDIA INTERAKSI Conditions that you have agreed to in order to use CHATASIK MEDIA INTERAKSI. Each of the provisions in this Privacy Policy will have the same meaning as the provisions described in the CHATASIK MEDIA INTERAKSI Terms of Service unless otherwise specified in the Policy This privacy or the existence of certain contexts that demand the opposite.

Please understand that this Privacy Policy does not apply to information collected:

· Through third-party services (including any third-party site) where users can access via CHATASIK MEDIA INTERAKSI or

· By other companies and organizations that place their service advertisements on CHATASIK MEDIA INTERAKSI.

C. Changes to Privacy Policy
We CHATASIK MEDIA INTERAKSI may from time to time revise or add specific instructions, policies, and conditions to this Privacy Policy. These instructions, policies, and conditions are an integral part of this Privacy Policy. If in our consideration CHATASIK MEDIA INTERAKSI, the changes to the Privacy Policy are sufficiently important, we CHATASIK MEDIA INTERAKSI will notify CHATASIK MEDIA INTERAKSI Users via CHATASIK MEDIA INTERAKSI (including through direct messages or the CHATASIK MEDIA INTERAKSI website), other direct communications, or other media before the date of the change. By continuing to use CHATASIK MEDIA INTERAKSI after changes to this Privacy Policy, with or without notice from our site/side, you are agreeing to the Privacy Policy that has been revised by CHATASIK MEDIA INTERAKSI.

D. Information We Collect and How We Collect It
In providing CHATASIK MEDIA INTERAKSI services, we CHATASIK MEDIA INTERAKSI collect, store and use information related to User data, such as the following:

· Information is Personal Information and Non-Personal Information;

· Community Information is a type of community information available such as Arts & Culture, Vacation Activities, Automotive, Beauty & Style, Business, Cinema, Cooking, Communication, Design and Graphics, Education, Electronics, Entertainment, Youth, Leadership, Family, Finance, Food, Games, Goods and Services, Health, Hobbies, Home and Decoration, Humor, Insurance, Information Technology, Literature, Internet, News & Media, Music, Pets, Photos, Politics, Religion, Science & Technology, Security, Social, Sports, Television, Travel, Work, etc.

· Personal Information is information or a group of information related to you and can be used to identify you. Personal information here may include the following:

Information that users provide to us when you open a CHATASIK MEDIA INTERAKSI account, such as your name, telephone number, email address, and other information.

Any information included in the public CHATASIK MEDIA INTERAKSI profile, which can include your ID, name, and photo as a User.

Your information as a User is available to us through your use of CHATASIK MEDIA INTERAKSI, for example:

personal chat and community chat including private chats to fellow users or chat with all members of your CHATASIK MEDIA INTERAKSI community,

CHATASIK MEDIA INTERAKSI feeds include status updates, video updates, photo updates, and location updates of Users to share information with Other CHATASIK MEDIA INTERAKSI Users.

Event Calendar in community mode Includes Events that users have scheduled with Communities or other CHATASIK MEDIA INTERAKSI Users.

Note includes announcements made by users or reminders to users or community members.

Contact list that the user shares in the features provided by CHATASIK MEDIA INTERAKSI us to be able to connect with other CHATASIK MEDIA INTERAKSI users or

User biometric information via CHATASIK MEDIA INTERAKSI for example by using voice to authenticate your identity as a CHATASIK MEDIA INTERAKSI User and enter CHATASIK MEDIA INTERAKSI through Voiceprint or SMS. Please remember that we will always seek approval from you as a User before collecting any biometric information from you CHATASIK MEDIA INTERAKSI User.

Information provided to other users about you as a User via the use of CHATASIK MEDIA INTERAKSI for example, Information that is shared by other CHATASIK MEDIA INTERAKSI users via the Moment/Story of CHATASIK MEDIA INTERAKSI and the communication they make with you and with others through CHATASIK MEDIA INTERAKSI; and

Information we collect when you use CHATASIK MEDIA INTERAKSI, such as certain Location Data and Entry Data.

· Location Data is information about the location of Users that we collect when Users use services that enable location, including:

Device location when the User uses CHATASIK MEDIA INTERAKSI, such as from GPS, WiFi, compass, accelerometer, or other sensors on your mobile device;

The IP address of the device or internet service that the User uses to access CHATASIK MEDIA INTERAKSI and

Other information available by you as a User or other user that indicates your presence or location such as account information that indicates your location, and information shared either that is available by you or other users that indicate your location (for example, geographic or geo-tagging information anything in any photo that you display on CHATASIK MEDIA INTERAKSI, or that we can access when you use the "Nearby Friends and Business" or similar feature).

· Data Logs are technical information that we automatically collect when you use CHATASIK MEDIA INTERAKSI, whether through the use of cookies, web beacons, recording files, scripts and entity labels (as explained further in the "Tracking Technology" section below ) or others, including:

Technical Information, such as information regarding cellular network providers, configuration information in a web browser or other program that you use to access CHATASIK MEDIA INTERAKSI, IP address, version, and identification number of your device;

Information About What You Look For And Observe When Using CHATASIK MEDIA INTERAKSI, such as web search terms, social media profiles visited, and detailed information and other content that you access or request when using CHATASIK MEDIA INTERAKSI.

Information About Communication You Make Through CHATASIK MEDIA INTERAKSI, such as the people you communicate with, the time, data, and duration of your communication; and

Metadata, i.e. information about something that you display on CHATASIK MEDIA INTERAKSI, such as the date, time, or location of photos and videos taken or displayed and shared.

· Information that is Shared is information about you as a user or related to you who voluntarily shared on CHATASIK MEDIA INTERAKSI. Information Shared may include submissions you make on CHATASIK MEDIA INTERAKSI (including public profiles, lists you make, and photos, videos, and video recordings accessed with your prior approval through your device's camera or microphone), any post from other users that you resend and Location Data and Data Logs associated with the shipment. Information that is shared also includes information about you (including Location Data and Data Logs) that other users share using our services.

· Non-Personal Information is any information relating to you as a User but cannot identify you, directly or indirectly, including Personal Information in the form of a collection, anonymous, or pseudonym.

E. How We Use and Access Your Information
· We can or may use your information for the following purposes:

To provide CHATASIK MEDIA INTERAKSI services (and various features therein) to you as a User, for example, which allows you to make calls via the Internet, to service any purchases that you may make through CHATASIK MEDIA INTERAKSI, and to display content based on your location;

For the sake of customer service, security, fraud detection, filing, and data backup in connection with providing CHATASIK MEDIA INTERAKSI services;

To provide advertising and direct marketing material that is more relevant to you (as detailed in the "Direct Marketing" section below);

To better understand how you as User access and use CHATASIK MEDIA INTERAKSI, so that we can improve CHATASIK MEDIA INTERAKSI services and respond to customer desires and preferences, including providing language and location adjustments, special assistance and instructions, or other responses to you and other customers regarding the use of CHATASIK MEDIA INTERAKSI.

To help us develop new services and improve our existing services.

To assess the effectiveness and improve advertising and other marketing and promotional activities that are on or related to CHATASIK MEDIA INTERAKSI when your account is registered to subscribe to an official account and

To enable you to participate in voluntary surveys about our products and services. If you choose to participate in a survey, we may ask you for certain Personal Information. We may use a third-party service provider to conduct the survey. We will prohibit third parties from using your Personal Information for any purpose other than completing surveys.

CHATASIK MEDIA INTERAKSI accesses and stores your personal data in the form of e-mails, full name, address, and usernames, or other information needed for notification purposes that you will get when using the application

· Use of Personal Information in our other services

To provide a better experience throughout our services for users, to improve CHATASIK MEDIA INTERAKSI services and others, or other things that you have agreed to, Personal Information collected through CHATASIK MEDIA INTERAKSI may, according to user privacy controls (if any), be used by our other services (both as a group and separately). For example, Personal Information collected during your use of CHATASIK MEDIA INTERAKSI may be used to suggest certain content that will be provided to you or used to display advertisements that are more relevant to you on other CHATASIK MEDIA INTERAKSI services. You also have the right to ask us to transfer or provide your Personal Information contained in CHATASIK MEDIA INTERAKSI to other CHATASIK MEDIA INTERAKSI services, as long as the transfer option is available.

· Personal Information in Your Content

If there is Personal Information containing your Content as a User (as described in the CHATASIK MEDIA INTERAKSI Terms of Service), we and affiliated companies may (under this Privacy Policy) use the Personal Information in accordance with the sections that involve your Content in the CHATASIK MEDIA INTERAKSI Terms of Service section.

· Direct Marketing

We may use your information as a CHATASIK MEDIA INTERAKSI User to send direct marketing (either through messages in our services, email, or in other ways) that offers or advertises our products and services and selected third parties. These products and services (from us and third parties) include:

Our products and services and products and services of our subsidiaries, branch companies, and business partners, including messaging services, online media services, interactive entertainment services, social networking services, payment services, internet search services, location, and mapping services, application software, and services, software and data management services, online advertising services, and other social media, entertainment, e-commerce and software, and information and communication services ("Internet Services"); and

third party Internet service providers, products and services related to dining, food and beverage, sports, music, film, television, live shows, and other arts and entertainment, books, magazines, and other publications, clothing and accessories, jewelry, cosmetics, personal health and hygiene, electronics, collectibles, household appliances, appliances, decorations and home furnishings, pets, vehicles, hotels, transportation and travel, banking, insurance, and financial services, loyalty and gift programs, and other products and services which we think is relevant to you.

We will respect your request as a CHATASIK MEDIA INTERAKSI User to us not to use your personal information for direct marketing purposes as mentioned above. If you wish to make this request, please contact our email or follow the relevant instructions in our marketing communications media. Please remember that by submitting the request, you may still receive advertisements that are not direct marketing.

Please note that we will not share your Personal Information as a CHATASIK MEDIA INTERAKSI User with advertisers unless you as a CHATASIK MEDIA INTERAKSI User have given us consent to do so. However, we may share Non-Personal Information with advertisers for the purpose of offering advertisements that are more relevant to you and your Community as CHATASIK MEDIA INTERAKSI Users.

F. Share Your Personal Information As a CHATASIK MEDIA INTERAKSI User
By agreeing to the Privacy Policy, you as a CHATASIK MEDIA INTERAKSI User agree to the use, sharing, and transfer of your Personal Information by third parties (both inside and outside your jurisdiction) as described in this section. Other than those that have been permitted under this Privacy Policy or those that have been approved by you, we will not transfer your Personal Information to other third parties for the purpose of any processing that they do.

· Sharing for the provision of CHATASIK MEDIA INTERAKSI services

We and our affiliates may share your Personal Information as a CHATASIK MEDIA INTERAKSI User within the internal scope of the company and with joint business partners, as well as third-party service providers, contractors, and agents (such as communication service providers that send e-mails or notification notifications on our behalf, and map service providers that provide location data for you and us), respectively, for the following purposes:


Help us carry out the goals set out in the "How We Use Your Information" section above.

Carry out our obligations and ensure that our rights are met according to the CHATASIK MEDIA INTERAKSI Terms of Service or Privacy Policy and Help us understand and improve CHATASIK MEDIA INTERAKSI services.

· Share for marketing purposes

In addition, we allow third-party marketing partners (such as official CHATASIK MEDIA INTERAKSI accounts, analytical providers, and advertiser partners) to collect your Personal Information from time to time from various websites or online services when you use CHATASIK MEDIA INTERAKSI. We also provide your Personal Information to third-party marketing partners, if you ask us to do so, or whenever necessary so we can provide CHATASIK MEDIA INTERAKSI services to you. Other provisions relating to the provision of your Personal Information

If we or our affiliates share your Personal Information with any third party, we will make every effort to ensure that these third parties only use your Personal Information:

In accordance with this Privacy Policy and

In accordance with other instructions that we provide, including the appropriate level of confidentiality and security measures that we apply.

As our business grows, we or our affiliates may be acquired by third parties, or we may rearrange the structure within our company. In that case, your information may be transferred to our group and/or to third parties who will continue to operate CHATASIK MEDIA INTERAKSI or similar services, which are included in this Privacy Policy or other privacy policies that will be notified to you. The party who receives your transferred Personal Information may be located and may use your information outside your jurisdiction as a CHATASIK MEDIA INTERAKSI User. Any of the third parties mentioned above, in the "Sharing Your Personal Information" section, maybe located, and use and store your Personal Information outside of your jurisdiction, for the purposes stated above, including in possible jurisdictions. do not have data protection laws that have fundamental similarities or have the same goals as the law in your jurisdiction. We may also be asked to maintain, preserve, or disclose your Personal Information with the conditions set out in the "Period of use of your Personal Information" below.

G. Several Things About Information That is Shared
CHATASIK MEDIA INTERAKSI allows Information to be shared to be widely shared with your CHATASIK MEDIA INTERAKSI contacts, all CHATASIK MEDIA INTERAKSI users, or the public, through features provided by us or by third parties, so that the Information Sharing can be moved quickly and widely. Information that is Shared will remain publicly available as long as you don't delete it and even after you delete the Shared Information, that information may separately remain hidden, copied, or stored, or remain public through other users or third parties who are not affiliated or under our control. In addition, we may also provide other features related to CHATASIK MEDIA INTERAKSI that allow you to share information that is shared publicly, for example, blogs and forums that are publicly accessible, or certain social media features on CHATASIK MEDIA INTERAKSI for example, "plugin" (which creates direct links between two websites) and "widgets" (i.e. interactive mini-programs that provide third-party services on CHATASIK MEDIA INTERAKSI). You should be aware that any information you provide in these features may be read, collected, and used by third parties who access them. Be careful what you send and communicate through CHATASIK MEDIA INTERAKSI. In some cases, you can control what broad public access to your Information Is Shared through privacy settings on some CHATASIK MEDIA INTERAKSI features.

H. Updating or Changing Your Personal Information
If you want to update or change your Personal Information as a CHATASIK MEDIA INTERAKSI User at CHATASIK MEDIA INTERAKSI, you can do it directly by logging into your account and making necessary changes. For example, you can delete certain Location Data that you have provided to us through your device settings or the "Clear Location" option in CHATASIK MEDIA INTERAKSI. If you want to make further changes to your Personal Information; request access to or delete your Personal Information at CHATASIK MEDIA INTERAKSI or request the removal of an unauthorized CHATASIK MEDIA INTERAKSI account, please contact our email. We will respond to your request within a reasonable time frame. In some cases, we may not be able to change, add, or delete your Personal Information, and we will notify you that we cannot do so, for example, certain requests require technical actions that are not appropriate or highly impossible (e.g. Any request related to the system backup of our data), or that is prohibited by law.

I. Communication From Us
· Notifications and other types of communication

When you use CHATASIK MEDIA INTERAKSI, we may use your information to send emails, SMS, messages, notifications, or short notifications to your device. If you do not wish to receive this communication, you can follow the unsubscribe instructions contained in the e-mail that we sent, select the unsubscribe option from the device (if available), or contact us.

· Announcements related to services

From time to time, we may send announcements regarding services to you as a CHATASIK MEDIA INTERAKSI User, if we feel the need (for example if we temporarily suspend CHATASIK MEDIA INTERAKSI services for maintenance). You cannot reject announcements regarding this service, because it is not promotional in nature.

J. Some Things About Personal Information That Are Sensitive
In some jurisdictions, certain types of Personal Information, such as information about race or ethnicity, religion or philosophical views, or personal health, can be categorized as "sensitive" information and protected by more stringent regulations when compared to Personal Information types the other. Please remember that the content and information you enter into CHATASIK MEDIA INTERAKSI, such as photos or information about your school or social activities, may reveal your sensitive Personal Information. Before communicating any Personal Information that is sensitive in CHATASIK MEDIA INTERAKSI, please consider whether it is appropriate or not. You as a CHATASIK MEDIA INTERAKSI User agree to all processing of Personal Information that is sensitive to the purposes and actions described in this Privacy Policy. Please remember that we do not use your Personal Information as a sensitive CHATASIK MEDIA INTERAKSI User to advertise products to you.

CHATASIK MEDIA INTERAKSI may link you to social media, features, or other services (including websites, plug-ins, and widgets) provided by third parties. For example:

· You as a CHATASIK MEDIA INTERAKSI User may share content or log in to CHATASIK MEDIA INTERAKSI using services provided by third parties. These third-party services will authenticate your identity and provide options to share certain Personal Information with us. The service may also offer the option to display information from your third-party service account to CHATASIK MEDIA INTERAKSI in the form of Shared Information (or vice versa).

· You as a CHATASIK MEDIA INTERAKSI User might link your CHATASIK MEDIA INTERAKSI contact list to the contact list on your device and/or third-party service account, to search and connect with contacts on the list who also have a CHATASIK MEDIA INTERAKSI account. In giving consent to the linking, we will use your username and password at related third party services only for linking to the contact list (and will immediately delete the information after the destination is fulfilled);

· You as a CHATASIK MEDIA INTERAKSI User may log in to CHATASIK MEDIA INTERAKSI using another sign-in service, such as an Open ID provider. The account login service will authenticate your identity and provide options to share certain Personal Information with us for the purpose of registering and logging in to your accounts, such as your name and email address; and

· We may (through advertisements or other services within CHATASIK MEDIA INTERAKSI) provide links or features that allow you to access third-party services or websites (or access content in CHATASIK MEDIA INTERAKSI managed by those third party services or websites). For example, you might be able to access videos managed by third parties in CHATASIK MEDIA INTERAKSI.

· These third-party social media or other services may be managed by relevant third parties or by us. Please remember that third parties providing certain services may be able to collect your Personal Information and Information (including your Data Log), and may set cookies on your computer so that the feature works properly.

· Your use of these third-party services (social media services or other), including any Personal Information that you provide to these third parties and their collection and use of your Personal Information, is protected by the third party's terms of service and privacy policy itself, and not these CHATASIK MEDIA INTERAKSI Terms of Service or Privacy Policy, please read these third party provisions carefully. This Privacy Policy only applies to any information that we collect, does not apply to any services provided, or provides information from any third party, and we are not responsible for the use of any information that you provide to third parties.

· CHATASIK MEDIA INTERAKSI uses a third-party service to send you messages or notifications using One-signal, which will require your personal data in the form of an email and username

· CHATASIK MEDIA INTERAKSI securely stores your personal data, so that your personal data can only be used by CHATASIK MEDIA INTERAKSI and third parties allowed by you to access the data

L. Age Limit
Children under 13 years old may not use CHATASIK MEDIA INTERAKSI. We do not knowingly collect Personal Information from children under the age of 13. Please contact the Privacy Officer, if you think we have Personal Information from children under the age of 13 we will investigate (and delete) that Personal Information.

M.Moving, Storing and Security of Your Personal Information
We operate and may continue to operate servers in several jurisdictions throughout the world, so the server where your Personal Information is used and stored may not be in your jurisdiction. You agree to transfer your Personal Information (both inside and outside your jurisdiction) for the purposes described in this Privacy Policy. We use a variety of technologies and security procedures that are generally accepted to prevent the loss, misuse, access, or unauthorized disclosure of that information. At CHATASIK MEDIA INTERAKSI, we use encryption technology (like SSL) to protect sensitive information (such as Location Data) that you provide to us. Please understand that despite our efforts, there is no data security measure that can 100% guarantee security at all times. Our system and communication network that you use to access CHATASIK MEDIA INTERAKSI may experience security breaches and failures due to things outside our responsibility. Please contact our Privacy Officer, if you as a CHATASIK MEDIA INTERAKSI User have any questions regarding the security of your Personal Information.

N. The Period of Use of Your Personal Information
In general, we will retain your Personal Information as a CHATASIK MEDIA INTERAKSI User for as long as is necessary to fulfill the purpose of its collection, as described in the "How We Use Your Information" section above. However, in the following conditions, we may be asked to maintain, preserve, or disclose your Personal Information for a longer period of time:

· To comply with applicable laws or regulations;

· To fulfill court orders, subpoenas, or other legal processes;

· In response to requests from authorized government officials, law enforcement institutions, or similar bodies (inside or outside your jurisdiction);

· If in our opinion it is necessary and reasonable to do so in compliance with applicable laws or regulations; or

· To implement the CHATASIK MEDIA INTERAKSI Terms of Service or Privacy Policy, protect our rights, ownership or safety, or the rights, ownership or safety of our affiliates or other CHATASIK MEDIA INTERAKSI users.

According to applicable laws and regulations, you may have the right to request a copy and make any corrections to your Personal Information that we hold, and ask us to deactivate and not use any of your Personal Information that we hold. You can submit the request to the Privacy Officer, or through the options, we provide at CHATASIK MEDIA INTERAKSI, you can also log in to your account and make the desired changes. We will do our best to respond to all requests submitted to the Privacy Officer within 60 days.

If your account is suspended by you or us for any reason, we will (according to the points above) take action to ensure your Personal Information is no longer available through CHATASIK MEDIA INTERAKSI or is used by us, according to a reasonable period of time (subject to technical restrictions) after the termination of the account. However, it is important to remember that the communication you make through CHATASIK MEDIA INTERAKSI allows your Personal Information to be in the hands of third parties outside our control.

The wallet feature allows you as a CHATASIK MEDIA INTERAKSI User for making advertising on CHATASIK MEDIA INTERAKSI. In this case, we CHATASIK MEDIA INTERAKSI will record the users' data wallet transaction.

P. Verification
It is our step to provide security and certainty related to all the data that we will be provided so that accounts that have been verified will get a checklist as a sign that your account is a verified account. If you have questions or complaints regarding our Privacy Policy or privacy practices, please contact us. If you have an unresolved privacy or data usage issue.

Q. Advertising

Any single advertising on CHATASIK MEDIA INTERAKSI is the advertiser's responsibility and CHATASIK MEDIA INTERAKSI does not responsible for any cheat or loss for any transaction involves between buyer and the advertiser.